Monday, 2 July 2012

What if ... God really speaks to individuals today

What if … God really speaks to individuals … today?

Some people would deny it of course, and say that ‘voices in your mind’ require prompt medical attention! Others would call it wishful thinking or an overly vivid imagination. But there have been a few times, usually when I’m simply getting on with my day to day routine, when God has spoken and the direction of my life has been changed.

I remember the first time as if it was yesterday. Ethel and I were walking back home from the shops, marshalling our gang of under fives as they toddled along, picking weeds from the grass verge, collecting stones and petting the neighbour’s cat.

As we reached my front gate, Ethel eyed her two year old twin sons and her three year old daughter and heaved a sigh. “I thought I was going to be a missionary” she said “and look at me now! Where do you find the ‘missionary’ bit in drinking coffee with other mums and discussing potty training?” Then her face brightened. “But I think God has given me an idea“  she said. “Why don’t we invite our friends and neighbours to a coffee morning and have a speaker who is a Christian.  She could speak about anything, but it would be from a Christian world view. I’m sure they’d come – even if they never go to church – because it would get them out of the house.”

“Good idea” I said only half listening, as my four year old pedalled his bike dangerously near to the road. “Where would we have it?”

“Oh at your house of course.” she replied “You have a large sitting room and a room we could use for the crèche.”

Now that was entirely different. My neighbours knew that I went to church but a coffee morning with a speaker … that was rather too public a step of faith. “  With three children under five,  lots of church activities and the beginning of a writing career to nurture I had plenty to do. “We’d have to wait till the autumn “ I said quickly. I looked at my 3 month old daughter cooing happily in her pram. “ I couldn’t do anything till Joanna has given up her 10 a.m feed.” [we fed by the clock in those days!]

I hoped that Ethel would have forgotten by then, and she may have done so. But God did not…

Come back soon for the rest of the story


  1. I enjoyed this post and look forward to the rest of your story, Marion! By the way on the subject of "voices" I believe God does sometimes speak to people using an audible voice. I suppose the only way we can distinguish that from signs of schizophenia is if the voice is life-enhancing and leading us on to a course of action which is positive and creative; and of course if the message the voice brings is subsequently confirmed by other independent sources that we can trust.

  2. I'm a fellow Bookie. Love your site and your bookshelves! Beautiful. Look forward to the rest of your story, Marion. Nice to "meet" you! Heather