Monday, 6 August 2012

One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another

Bulgaria in the early 1990’s was a very different place from the country it is today. Grim grey blocks of apartments dominated the skyline and packs of dogs roamed the city streets, turned out to fend for themselves by owners who could no longer afford to feed or look after them. But the people were warm and friendly, with the same problems of rebellious teenagers, and husbands who were not prepared to share their wives’ attention with a ‘God’ whom they could neither understand, nor see any need for. Women have the same hopes and fears the world over.

Over those ten days we visited 5 different churches, one of which was still under construction. The highlight of my trip was the night we spent with an old lady who had used her home out in the country for meetings of the underground church during the Communist era. What an honour to sleep under the same roof as someone who had risked her life for her Saviour, even if she did wake us at 5 a.m because she had invited the leading ladies of the church to come and have breakfast before they went to work!

The time flew past and as I said goodbye, God seemed to put a thought into my mind that I should share with my hosts from Mission Possible. “I’ve loved speaking to the women in your churches “I said tentatively,  “But they need so much more. Have you thought of sending out a monthly letter [ no email then] with some suggestions for bible studies or answers to their leadership questions?’

Daniella, who was the editor of their magazine for teenagers, went somewhat pale but made polite noises! I flew home and for 18 months heard nothing. Then I had a letter which set both them and me on a new path. “You suggested a Newsletter” wrote Daniella. “But God has shown us that we should make a magazine for women. We think we will call it Leah, because women are looked down on in many churches and in society. And Leah was the less favoured wife of Jacob. Can you help us?”

Do you have instances in your life when God has taken you in a totally unexpected direction? What happened? I’d love to know.

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